“At one point during the monologues “Mary” (born Greta) had a seizure — a real seizure. She fell to the ground with one of those very real thuds and started to convulse. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone have a seizure but it is horrifying, and the etymology of being “seized” by some other force suddenly seemed inarguable. Because this was a movement class, we were used people doing weird shit all the time, and of course, moving in bizarre ways was essentially one of the tenets outlined in the course syllabus. But unless this was a social power-play from “Mary” who wasn’t much known for stealing the spotlight, this was something that was happening in the real world that all of a sudden the characters in “our” world had to deal with.”

This is a great post by Jeremy Larson about masks, theatre and being yourself, or whoever, on the internet.

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