Decatur Cemetery, Thursday night.

Gawker | We Have Six New Amazing Paintings By George W. Bush

This is the most compelling argument I’ve seen in quite some time for arts education in schools. Imagine all the trouble we would have avoided if Gee Dubs had realized earlier in life that his true calling was to paint! Or maybe all along he was just hustling like the rest of us.

This cat lives on the Beltline, has its own mailbox and is named Piper. (If anyone knows anything else about this beautiful thing, please share! Google doesn’t seem to know much.) (Also it took me too long to realize the cat was probably named after the culvert pipe it [apparently] hangs around the mouth of all day.)

Some things that, as a kid, I really really wanted my adult-self to have but that, as it turns out, shockingly, I now have very little interest in:

  • A pair of Doc Martens.
  • A papasan chair.
  • The ability to drink and eat however much Dr. Pepper and Three Musketeers bars I wanted, whenever I wanted.
  • One room in my house decorated entirely in purple and green and filled with cats.


“A sumptuous feline with extravagant tastes and a vast sense of entitlement”
“I know three of them are child dude cats because they got cat balls.”

someeecards | Person giving away kittens on Craigslist has never heard of kittens

I feel like this is probably fake and I also feel like I don’t care.

Mod Cloth | Caturday Tunic

Just thought some of you might want to be alerted to the existence of this.


Otto loved rachael’s piece in the current issue of new york magazine!

Otto is actually the reason The King Is Dead hit no. 1, y’all—just out of the frame is like a metric ton of jewel cases which he plans on making Brooke cart out to some storage unit in Bethesda sometime this weekend. That sneaky bastard.

PS, yes, if you grab a copy of this week’s New York (Obama on the cover) and turn to page 60 you can see a printified version of this thing! I am not responsible for the hed but very happy to have my first byline in that great magazine.

Regis Bigglemeyer, The Cat Who Thinks We Own Him

Starring Joe and my untrimmed bangs.

"He Was A Friend Of Mine" + fourteen other selections from the Museum of Bad Art.
If there was a poster version of this, I would buy it.

One of my co-workers has this shirt and wears it rather frequently and it pretty much always makes my day, even on icky Mondays. Laser cat, y’all. Total game-changer.