Carry On

Or, a detailed account of an obsession with/personal experience of death and life and stuff.

A comic strip of a very personal nature by Esme.

This is very good and sad and angry and sweet.

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Count the First! Wish I could find more online about this lil dude. (via)

This is gorgeous: 205 illustrators each contribute one panel to Infinite Corpse, an "exquisite corpse"-style comic about… well, a really exquisite corpse. It took me a minute to orient myself because I thought I needed to find the first strip, but apparently "it has no beginning and it has no end," so you can just jump in anywhere. Super beautiful (and creepy and sad and funny…. AND INFINITE; I think I lost a not-insignificant part of the past hour to it). (via @colinmeloy)

When my friend Ben did a Kickstarter to fund his restoration of Manos: The Hands of Fate, he had Level Press make some really weirdly gorgeous posters for backer rewards. A few of the posters are on sale now if you’d like to bring one of these strange beautiful things into your home. Joe and I have one framed in our living room (the red is more hot pink IRL) and it brings me huge amounts of joy. The moths!

Wayne White / Adult Swim billboard on Ponce! I love this.

I just read through all of what exists of Sam Alden’s Eighth Grade (h/t David). It’s so beautiful and awkward and smelly. I wish there was an infinite scroll of new chapters appearing at the bottom of every last one forever.

Hey, Fleetwood Mac. You had some real weird album covers.

I can’t even believe how gorgeous John Baizley’s art for this new Baroness record is. Look at them sexy shrimp things.


Celebrate the Woody Guthrie centennial with a Folk Alley mix of Guthrie’s greatest songs, plus music from the musicians he inspired, like Joan Baez, Ani DiFranco and Old Crow Medicine Show.

Illustration: Aaron Meshon for eMusic (embiggen)

This map is so great. I’ve been “spending some time” with ole Woody G lately (words coming soon to a pitchfork dot com near you) and I’m still not sure I could pick out all of these. Love that Pretty Boy Floyd, though. So sneaky.