Illustration for a complicated article about the legend of John Henry, the appropriation of black music by white people, and violence toward black people by whites. For The Oxford American.

I write a little bit about making this piece here and here.

Eleanor Davis is a lady/human I admire.

Last night was so fun and Brooke Hatfield is like a Flannery-level goddess and if you’re at the Atlanta Zine Fest this weekend you should get yourself one of these beauts. Art by Natalie Nelson and Emily Wallace and Alvin Diec and so many other wonderful humans!



I’m releasing a zine of Flannery O’Connor portraits at the Atlanta Zine Fest next month! And we’re having a release party on June 12 at Mint Gallery!

“Scale Highly Eccentric: A Zine of Flannery O’Connor Portraits” consists of portraits by 14 artists, whose mediums include everything from acrylic to cross stitch to custard. Basically, this is the Ocean’s 11 of Flannery O’Connor portrait zines, and a portion of the profits will benefit the Flannery O’Connor – Andalusia Foundation, Inc.

Ashley Anderson
Rebecca Bowen
Jenifer Carter
Alvin Diec
Travis Ekmark
Christine Ernest
Brooke Hatfield
Yoonhwa Jang
Tori LaConsay 
Elisabeth McNair
Dan Murdoch
Natalie Nelson
Emily Wallace
Lydia Walls

We’re celebrating with a profoundly excellent group of readers who will fill your ears with tales of ladies and toughness as we celebrate a Georgia girl who remains one of literature’s most acclaimed writers.

Jolisa Brown
Carleigh Knight
Rachael Maddux
Kay Powell
Bobbin Wages

Admission is FREE. Doors are at 7:30 p.m, and the show starts promptly at 8 p.m. This is going to be the Flannery O’Connor portrait zine event of the season! 

This is such a great thing my great friend Brooke has put together and I am so excited to be reading at the release party. Y’all come out and see us!


Carry On

Or, a detailed account of an obsession with/personal experience of death and life and stuff.

A comic strip of a very personal nature by Esme.

This is very good and sad and angry and sweet.

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Count the First! Wish I could find more online about this lil dude. (via)

This is gorgeous: 205 illustrators each contribute one panel to Infinite Corpse, an "exquisite corpse"-style comic about… well, a really exquisite corpse. It took me a minute to orient myself because I thought I needed to find the first strip, but apparently "it has no beginning and it has no end," so you can just jump in anywhere. Super beautiful (and creepy and sad and funny…. AND INFINITE; I think I lost a not-insignificant part of the past hour to it). (via @colinmeloy)

When my friend Ben did a Kickstarter to fund his restoration of Manos: The Hands of Fate, he had Level Press make some really weirdly gorgeous posters for backer rewards. A few of the posters are on sale now if you’d like to bring one of these strange beautiful things into your home. Joe and I have one framed in our living room (the red is more hot pink IRL) and it brings me huge amounts of joy. The moths!

Wayne White / Adult Swim billboard on Ponce! I love this.

I just read through all of what exists of Sam Alden’s Eighth Grade (h/t David). It’s so beautiful and awkward and smelly. I wish there was an infinite scroll of new chapters appearing at the bottom of every last one forever.

Hey, Fleetwood Mac. You had some real weird album covers.