My main beef with “Girls,” having only seen the trailer

…is that overeducated and privileged white twentysomethings “navigate their lives” in places other than New York City, too! I mean, COME ON PEOPLE. In Atlanta we have all the same problems except with INSANE HUMIDITY and PALMETTO BUGS and EVEN WORSE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION and NO GAY MARRAIGE and…

OK, I am totally kidding (although all those things are true). I am actually feeling fairly neutral about the show, possibly because I don’t have HBO so it hardly seems to matter anyway. But here is a smart thing and here is another smart thing I enjoyed reading about it earlier today, and Lena Dunham seems like someone I’d like to have a beer/a cupcake/a beer and a cupcake with.

Also I totally just learned that “palmetto bugs” are absolutely completely the same thing as cockroaches (which we also have). So gross.

This one-bedroom in Battery Park for $3,600 is a good example. It is advertised at 687 square feet, which is so precise I’m guessing the realtor measured the inside of the closet. How big is 687 square feet? Well, for contrast, the Elephant Center affords each adult male elephant 3,100 square feet. (An elephant 2-bedroom, so to speak, is 4,900 square feet.) Sounds palatial, doesn’t it? If you’re just squeezing an elephant somewhere temporarily, say in a stall overnight, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Standards for Elephant Management and Care from 2011 mandate a minimum of “no less than 600 square feet.” But in the long-term, that would be inhumane.

The Billfold | What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Live in New York City

This gives me hives. I know where and how people live is generally a very personal and idiosyncratic decision often impacted by a number of complicated and uncontrollable factors and desires, and I know that I have literally been to New York City once in my whole life, as a high-school junior, actually just about ten years ago this spring, and I know that as a young writerly type perhaps I should be at least willing to consider the possibility that my “career” would be “better off” if I was willing to make that move, but I very personally cannot comprehend how in the world that would ever be an attractive possibility, mostly because—THAT IS SO MUCH MONEY. SO MUCH MONEY. And so little space. Actually I think that might be roughly around the same amount of space of the house (two-bedroom, backyard) Joe and I just moved into, maybe a little smaller, but we pay roughly one third of that. And that is actually pretty low for Atlanta so I feel conspicuous even telling people who live here about it, but I feel like every so often I need to remind the outside world (ie, people paying so so much as much or less space in New York City—the rest of America is probably more on our scale, or even lower!) that there are other options, and other cities, other places where you will be able to live happy and fulfilled and challenging lives, and also go out to eat more, or buy an elephant, or whatever you want to do with the thousands of extra dollars a month you don’t have to sink into a shitty little box you don’t even own.