Rachael & Charlie.


Downtown Atlanta, Monday morning.



Lebanon, TN. March 30, 2014. 

Tammy most recently contributed her work to the OA’s Spring issue, where it ran within Rachael Maddux’s Points South piece entitled Hail Dayton.

Decatur, this morning.

Avondale Station, last night.

Last year some pals of mine started a little magazine called Brother. Sometime after the first one came out Andy asked me if I wanted to write the second one and I did not even have to think for a second before saying YES. A couple months later we went to Charleston for a day or so and hung out with CLAMMER DAVE whose name is not officially spelled in all caps but, once you experience him, seems like it should be. I knew basically nothing about bivalves or aquaculture or any of this stuff before before but it’s a weird, delicate, gnarly business and Dave is one of the most, uh, “character”-iest people I’ve gotten to meet and write about in a while. Andy took the fantastic photos, Alvin made it look awesome; I just got my copies yesterday and can confirm that it feels real good to hold in your hands. You can get a copy here for $11 (or, if you’re in Atlanta, at either Octane location, plus some other places soon). If you are someone who needs John T. Edge’s approval before you commit to anything, here you go. Or, if you would like to see a photo of me standing on top of a rickety houseboat in Charleston Harbor, posing like a goober to conceal my fear of what at the time seemed like imminent death or tetanus contraction, you are also in luck.


An old dog walks on a treadmill as part of an animal health study at Cornell University, November 1956. Photograph by B. Anthony Stewart, National Geographic.


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Some pals of mine (AndyAlvinWyatt! and Ryan who I don’t know but whose very good food I have eaten) made a little magazine about chickens. In particular, the chickens at GrassRoots Farms. It’s real good—literally gutsy. Chicken gutsy! Meaning, there is like a centerfold of chicken insides. It’s pretty beautiful. If you care about any of the following you should get yourself a copy: chickens, chickens raised in beautiful rolling fields, chickens raised not in creepy factories, farming, unusually affecting animal slaughter, butchering, South Georgia, people with unlikely-seeming dreams, cooking, eating, knowing where what you are cooking or eating came from, real good design, real good photography, real good writing, friends doing stuff together, words on paper, photos on paper, paper, book-shaped things, things with corners and edges, things.

Chattanooga, please do something good with your beautiful old YMCA building. (What happened to these plans, I wonder?)