"No doy" of the day: I would like to have Charles and Ray Eames’ living room be my living room. (via)

Design*Sponge | DIY vertical garden tool from flora grubb

Just gonna keep staring at this and wait for the rest of the world to sort itself out.

The Paris Review | Chez Panisse Menus

"My longtime colleague Fritz Streiff, a host in the café for many years, and his partner Jeff were married in California two days before the 2008 election that made same-sex marriage illegal in the state. It was fall, and the persimmons were turning colors on the branches. On my morning walk I was seeing lots of red wing blackbirds. Only the males have the intense red patch and yellow stripe on their wings, so I put a pair of males on a persimmon branch."

My actual first thought when I realized these were Kermit the Frog earrings: "If I bought these, Jason Segal would love me forever!"

This is very smart and funny! I also don’t totally agree with it.

Kind of like how I hate the bird thing BUT ALSO LOVE THE BIRD THING.

My own bird thing, at least. Which has more to do with how I think birds are weird and pretty and not because I’m interested in outwardly manifesting my inner feminine delicacy and/or eating disorder. (I like to eat birds, too.)